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Spring/Summer Young Weekends 2015




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21-22 March 2015 – 1th Spring Weekend

Hills walking through the nature discovering little vulcanoes

28-29 March 2015

Spirituality days visiting ancient abbeys and closed churchs in the mountains

4-5 April 2015

Single weekend to enjoy an holiday with other singles

11-12 April 2015

Discovering How is Made Italian Food

18-19 April 2015

Handmade Route, a route in farms producing hats and shoes for shopping lovers

25-26 April 2015

Wine Route to taste all the best wines of Marche Region – ITALY

1-2-3 May 2015 – italian worker Day

Carlo Crivelli’s Route to see the most important art of this land

9-10 May 2015

Mountains days: expert guides will bring us in fabulous walking on the nature, in particular Sibillini Mountains

16-17 May 2015

Legends weekend: a weekend for lovers of ancient legends, narrated by great speaker. Not right for sensible people!

23-24 May 2015

Children Days: a trip on all the museums of the High Valley with possibility to have photoes with big embalmed animales (man dimension)

30-31 May 2015

Water Dimension, The Mistery of Water: Trip along River Tenna following the water and discovering many things that you cannot imagine

1-2 June 2015

London Party: a weekend for London friends

6-7 June 2015

Bacon weekend: a weekend in which taste all best things made with italian Bacon

13-14 June 2015

Yoga Party: Meeting of Yoga groups from all Europe

20-21 June 2015

Swimming Pool Party: Party in a big swimming pool in the Sibillini Mountains

27-28 June 2015

Dance Time: a weekend for dance lovers (salsa, merenge, american-latin, disco…) on the beach!

4-5 July 2015

Sibillini Weekend: a weekend on the Sibillini mountains with expert authorized guides

11-12 July 2015

Beach Tennis Championship

18-19 July 2015

Instagramers European Meeting

25-26 July 2015

Facebook European Meeting and Disco Cocktail Party on the Beach

1-2 Agost 2015

Accessibility Days: Two days for blind people that wants to discover this land (possibility to change or add different kinds of disability)

8-9 Agost 2015

Scientific weekend for Science lovers… watching stars and studying…

15-16 Agost 2015

Historical Rievocation in Fermo “Cavalcata dell’Assunta”

22-23 Agost 2015

Ugolino’s Route: visit – “Ugolino Boniscambi…”

29-30 Agost 2015

Underground weekend: a weekend for lovers of little places under ancient cities

5-6 Semptember 2015

Bike Trip. You can bring your bike or take one of our bikes

12-13 Septemper 2015

Chess – Draughts championship

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…till 31 December: New Year River Tenna’s Party
Otherwise visit to have other informations or to pick other opportunities!


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